Digital Ingenuity

eInnotech is the digital partner that could translate how today’s digital trends will impact your business.In the rapid growing digital world picking the right web design and technology is key to scaling your business.Whether you’re building a website from scratch or refreshing your existing website, the design, architecture and platform you choose to build your digital presence is an important decision for your business.

Digital Transformation

Today mobile technologies are catalyst for digital transformations.At eInnotech we leverage the digital concepts disrupting other industries that could be applied to your business. We transform business models, user experience and operations to ensure stable, scalable, and secure mobile services. We establish flexible mobility strategy and architecture for mobile app management, mobile device management, and integration approaches.

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Digital Capabilities

Mobile lights the fire for larger digital change. It's a symbiotic relationship that requires digital transformation and mobile to be adequately resourced and collaboratively strategized under a common digital vision in order for both to thrive. Cross functional digital capabilities and coherent digital strategies is the model that we implement at eInnotech.

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Responsive Designs

A method of developing a site that is completely flexible regardless of device. The website automatically orientates itself based on the screen size of the device. A combination of reformatting and re-optimizing the site as a whole give a practical flexibility beyond imagination.

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Digital In-Store

The rapid evolution of social media and mobile technologies is driving consumer behavior.The active lifestyle consumer increasingly expects customized and personalized products; to remain relevant, brands serving this segment will need to make a strong commitment to digital in retail — now.At eInnotech we can turn your shopper's smartphone into the best sales associate.

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Imagination to Digital Reality

Mobile applications and services are overtaking the World Wide Web for the key activities that we do on the Internet. Mobile is an increasingly important part of any business’s marketing strategy. At eInnotech we think mobile first when they design new Internet applications.

Omnichannel World

The more technology advances the more it is integrated in to our daily lives. Shopping is social, generation Z setting the tone, mobile is the medium, big data can uncover unprecedented insight and Omnichannel brings you a seamless experience.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a never ending process, that continues to iterate in a virtuous cycle over time. As Growth hackers we study how people use a product and continually test and optimize every digital touch point in order to get prospective customers to take action.

Mobile Optimised Designs

Mobile optimized means that the site will reformat itself for a list of handheld or tablet devices.Why reformat? Reformatting allows the website to easily engage a large mobile audience when key buying decisions come up.

The Retina Revolution

Avoid being pixelated mess, join the ratina revolution. Websites and programs suffer from "pixel-doubling" which occurs when mobile website images can't function correctly with high dpi devices.


Multipurpose, website theme featuring a creative layout along with smooth scrolling page animations.Fixed top navigation that collapses on scroll,Smooth scrolling animations, Scrollspy that highlights active page sections,Custom outline button style.


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