Experience the next level of speech processing.

e-InnoTech helps in Autovox

An intelligent and robust speech system with multi language capability that uses End-to-End (E2E) and hybrid models to solve real world problems.

Protecting your data with novel Privacy-preserving machine learning algorithms. We value your privacy.

Principally, We believe humans and machine should work together, not replace one another.

Enabling AI right where you need, with our Edge AI systems.

We take cautious effort to bring in diversity in data to remove machine bias.

What do we offer?

Front End Development

front end

Attractive, interactive & visually appealing web front-end pages are crucial for the success of a business. These reflect the purpose of an organization & company and are also responsible for successful branding and gaining the trust & confidence of the visitor. Therefore, to help you achieve these goals effortlessly, we offer front-end & UI development services with exceptional usability, dependability & UX design.

Back End Development

back end

Web back-end is the invisible backbone that connects and interconnects various parts of a software application. Without effective & efficient back-end web development, your customer cannot have a good experience on your website. Hence, to help you avoid such scenarios, Thinksys e-InnoTech offers comprehensive back-end development services. Using our knowledge in various languages & frameworks, we process & manage data efficiently.

Database & Cloud

database and cloud

We provide you the best pathfinder for Web Development and Web Site Designing by introducing Custom Cloud Application. Becoming a part of our coming will release you from the unnecessary investment of money for controlling extensive infrastructure and middleware stack. We provide our top-notch quality of cost-effective service to build up their customer business process smoothly.

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Our Tools and Technologies

We use the latest technologies to provide the best solutions to our customers.